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WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES To design, construct and fit Food custom vans and trailers Create an impression SELL Street food RIGHT Wow Factor? STANDARD. UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL business in your hands REALITY IS JUST your perception

Custom designed, built and install Food truck to suit any vending project


A Motorised unit offers businesses more freedom and sometimes flexibility in the type of events or business they do. Providing less set up time than a trailer means you can do rounds in local villages without the means to sustain permanent shops like fish and chip shops, provide meals to businesses on industrial estates.


We are specialists in the construction of catering trailers and catering van conversions and have many years of experience building catering units to the highest standards complying with ISO 9001 ensuring you a reliable catering trailer for any event.


We have the facilities, experience and expertise to convert almost any type of vehicle into a catering unit or retail solution. Our extensive restoration process will transform a piece of rust into a polished diamond, which will, last but not least, be fitted with the top of the line kitchen facility.


As the industry player we`ve expanded our services towards mobile catering business. In  association with well established manufacturer we step into modular building area.
Modern permanent or temporary modular catering buildings is part of our service.

We produce a wide range of commercial building for applications such as:

  • Modular restaurants
  • Modular kitchens
  • Portable coffee shops
  • Snack bar kiosks
  • Bakery shops

and we are experts in one of the fastest growing trends in commercial construction today.
Our company combine advanced solutions, technology, quality, style, sustainability and practicality.
We are on the manufcturers side with a team of designers and experts, engineers on-site so they can make changes quickly.
We are working closely with architects and catering business development teams creating impressive buildings.


Modular construction is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventionally built structures. Modular units offer consumers numerous benefits over their traditional stick-framed counterparts: cost savings, eco-friendliness, and a distinctive aesthetic appearance.


Is ready to use building made entirely in the factory. This structure is used by customers who are mostly working in remote construction sites or locations. Such portable structures can easily be mounted, be it on permanent or temporary basis after the work is done.


Walk in Unit. The benefits of having a mobile catering shop or modular café include your ability to move your business from one location to another. Unit can be used to provide a wider selection of hot food and hot and cold beverages, as well as commissary kitchen.

Full concept service

From concept to completion, our experienced team of professionals work collaboratively with you to get your project started on the right path during the design and pre-construction phase our team then takes through project construction to ensure you receive precisely what you need, when you need it, all for the cost you were expecting to pay.
Our well thought-out concept modular buildings serve business both large and small.

Modules open up countless possibilities for the architectural arrangement.
A suitable solution for every requirement, for every shape of the plot of land and for every required size.
Different colours and materials for the facade as well as from the purposefully employed alternation of facade and glass elements.

By road, rail, cargo and air, our modular solutions can be shipped and installed all around the world, wherever our clients are.


Street workshop team combines the skills of chef and and interior designer. Street workshop offers a technical expertise and design aesthetic that is unrivaled in the industry.


We use only the finest materials and best methods to ensure your project components will withstand the tests of street life.


We design and construct our interior components for ultimate flexibility. Everything is assembled with flexibility, modularity, and longevity in mind.


With our extensive experience and team expertise, we stand behind our product and are proud to bring you best choice in the market.


We know what it takes to design, construct and fit out custom food vans and custom built food trailers that you will love.
Quality, budget efficiency and planning are the principles associated with each project. With our approach we ensure that your mobile food solution is exactly like the one you’ve been looking for. No surprises, and exactly the functionality and look & feel you want.

Given the complexity of the food handling and transportation process tailored innovative solutions can make the difference between success and failure.

Our strength lies in understanding customer requirements and translating them into a food truck and all the other types of special vehicles we make. Attention to detail, ergonomic criteria, sturdiness, high quality design: these are some of the features that characterise our vehicles.

High quality customized food trucks food trucks, concession trailers, coffee and specialty kiosks, mobile catering trailer for events, a BBQ smoker trailer , or a single-item food truck (ice cream trucks; funnel cake trailers; sushi food trucks), we build to please.





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