Job Description

Walk in Unit. Portable kitchens can be used as single units or linked together to form large scale temporary catering complexes.

The modules can have large glazing and terraces, thanks to which we are able to create a very attractive space of the premises that encourages customers and allows them to spend time in it. Our prefab containers are constructed from a self-supporting steel frame made of tubular profiles. Several angles give the structure additional stability.

Commissary kitchens are spacious and offer access to high-tech kitchen appliances. Commissary kitchens allow chefs who otherwise would not have access to the space and equipment needed to share their delicious food with their community – which would be a loss for the chef him or herself and the bellies in the community that aren’t being filled by the tasty concoctions that chef has up their sleeves. Each kitchen can be supplied with a range of catering equipment of your choice to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

All details can be configured according to your wishes. We will be happy to advise you.

Suitable for business

  • Cafe and bakery unit
  • Commercial kitchen unit
  • Commissary kitchen
  • Grilled food unit
  • Pizza delivery service


Welded steel structure, in accordance with EN1090-2 confirmed by a certificate.
Steel structure protected against corrosion. Visible inside – painted.
Is fully insulated for year-round use
Walls made of 120mm PIR sandwich panel (U = 0.18)  (color to choose).
Building roof made of 120mm PIR sandwich panel (U = 0.18)
Galvanized gutter with downpipes.

Aluminum joinery with a thermal break (warm aluminum), PONZIO PE68 profile (color to choose)
Warm aluminum door , SAFETY GLASS U = 1.0W / m2K
Two-chamber glass Ug = 0.6 ,safety glass in the door

The facade is generously glazed, the non-glazed parts have facade elements.
The walls from the outside are finished with steel panels
Decorative facade panels
The attic is made of façade panels on four sides

Self-supporting steel floor, fully insulated, finished with 22mm OSB board.
Longitudinal and transverse profiles, trapezoidal sheet, insulation layer, moisture-proof floorboard, PCV lining or floor panels.
Floor load capacity: 300 kg / m²

Modules with a height of 3.30 m manufactured in order to be able to hang the ceiling at the planned room height of 3.00 m.
Ventilation grates
Advertising space on the roof

Width 12.00m
Length 12.00m
Height: OK parapet 3.82m
Base area 144.00m 2
Usable area132.40m 2

Additional details

Construction and architectural design project.
Declaration of Performance CE.
We have Certificates and Declarations of Conformity for all materials used to manufacture our facilities.
We provide solid performance as well as stylish and high-quality external and internal finishing of our facility.
We can also implement unusual design concepts.

The construction and operating costs of our systems stand up to any comparison.
A building creates a self-supporting steel frame, it requires no foundation or screed, but only support points.

Ready models are properly prepared for transport to minimize assembly time and save our clients’ money.

Projects Details

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